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Buggy Management Agents Installer

Angelo Conforti
Occasional Visitor

Buggy Management Agents Installer

There's a bug in the install procedure of hpmgmt-8.x.x-vmware4x.tgz . Il the VM Note contains more than a single line (a single CR at the end of the first line for example)
the vmsvc/getallvms display an empty line.

[root@esx-prod-ostia 851]# vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms
Vmid Name File Guest OS Version Annotation
32 DC-OSTIA01 [ARRAY1_R1_L1] DC-OSTIA01/DC-OSTIA01.vmx winNetStandardGuest vmx-04 Domain Controller Active Directory 2003 R2 (Global Catalog)
48 FRASCATI [ARRAY1_R1_L1] FRASCATI/FRASCATI.vmx winNetEnterpriseGuest vmx-04 FILE SERVER
64 MARINO [ARRAY1_R1_L1] MARINO/MARINO.vmx winNetStandardGuest vmx-04 Print Server Ostia
80 SFURSAT [ARRAY2_R5_L0] SFURSAT/SFURSAT.vmx winNetStandardGuest vmx-04 SQL Server Express 2005

[root@esx-prod-ostia 851]#

The ./ not run. If I activate "debug" code in the script I see:
[root@esx-prod-ostia 851]# ./ --silent --inputfile hpmgmt.conf.example

HP Insight Manager Agent 8.5.1-1 Installer for VMware ESX
Target System is VMware ESX 4.1.0 build-260247
Server: ProLiant ML370 G5

Insufficient arguments.
Insufficient arguments.
An active Virtual Machine [ ] has been detected on host []
Total number of VMs detected on system [5]
Number of VMS powered off [ 4 ]
Number of VMS suspended [ 0 ]
Found active VM [ 1 ]

Found VMs are 5, but is not true. If I remove the second line from VM "SFURSAT" the installer runs
perfectly. Please take care of this problem.