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need suggestion

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need suggestion

hi dears
i have these items
1- 2* server DL580 quad core ,......
2-1* ML380
3- storage MSA60 with 8 TB with p800

now i installed esx 4.0 on both servers

what is the best solution to use the MSA storage ???
define to one virtual server as a DAta server
is it trustable enough>???

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Re: need suggestion

It is as trustworthy as the as the reliability of your configuration.

Your storage will not have redundancy and is dependent on one of your ESX hosts.

If you need to bring that ESX host down for maintenance then all VM's running on the Shared storage will have to shut down.

I assume you are using Large Form Factor disks to achieve 8TB - and possibly SATA.

The performance of these disks is quite low and the reliability of SATA needs to taken into consideration. Also assuming you are presenting this storage back to all VM's via iSCSI.

If this is a pilot or less business critical systems that you can afford to have down for maintenance then creating an ESX cluster can be done with the hardware you have. However I would not run a heavy load of production systems on this infrastructure.