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ESXi installation broke after reboot

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ESXi installation broke after reboot

Hello HPE Community,

i want to show my boss how a baremetal hypervisor can improve our companys infrastructure with the help of VMs, so I installed vsphere 6.5 hypervisor on one of our racks. Installation worked well and i was able to boot up the machine into the ESXi host. After a reboot of the host machine the vmware bootloader tells me "bank 5 invalid configuration no hypervisor found" and just wont boot anymore(the ESXi boots exactly 1 time successfully after installation). I have to reinstall the system so that i can re-use it until another reboot goes down. I was searching the internet for hours, but all i found was that it may be caused by HPE using verified SDCards/Flash drives for situations like this one.

Im new to all this topic, so if you need any futher information, dont hesitate to ask.

VMWARE VSPHERE used for installation:  VMware-ESXi-6.5.0-OS-Release-5146846-HPE-650.

Host Server: HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9

USB drive where the esxi host is installed to: ADATA UV131 / 16GB

Error Message: bank 5 invalid configuration no hypervisor found

License: Free

Kind regards



PS: i hope im in the right topic, otherwise tell me to correct it.