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HP ESXi 4.0 patches2 vs insight manager

Stephane Tellier
Occasional Contributor

HP ESXi 4.0 patches2 vs insight manager


I download the HP ESXi 4.0 p2 and install it on my server. (Vcenter 4.1 required 64 bits OS that i don't have - That why i use the 4.0 sp2)

I try to found documentation to add my station into my insight manager 6.01 console.
The problem is not with insght manager.

I understand that i need to configure or start with my HP agents as a windows OS. (that must be intalled with the Hp ESXi4- this is my understanding of this HP build).

I try to found détailed documentation to configure all this into ESXi.

I'll appreciate if somewhone could help me for this one.

Merci à l'avnace / Thanks in advance!