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SQL Cluster DR

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SQL Cluster DR


I am now setting up the two ESX hosts to run two windows 2012 failover cluster nodes (CAB) in primary data centre. On top of that, we will run SQL cluster node on that.

According to the document from VMware,  pass-through-RDM (physical compatibility mode) is recommended to use in this scenario. (P.9)

We are planning to use the SAN replication (3PAR remote copy) to replicate all the data to the secondary data center. However, we've got only one physical machine. As we have to use this physical machine as DR solution. Is it possible to re-register the VM in the ESX (for example, one cluster node will be up) and then mounting the RDM (physical compatibility mode??) to startup the SQL cluster (one node only) in secondary data center? It is because in the table shows that cluster in a box (CIB) is not supported for RDM with physical compatibility mode.

I was wondering this approach is workable or not. Appreciated if you could give me some ideas on this approach.

Thanks very much.