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iLO 2 config file unavailable with ESXi 4.1 Host

Occasional Contributor

iLO 2 config file unavailable with ESXi 4.1 Host

We ran into an issue and we can't get it fixed.


We are in the process of upgrading our environment from ESXi 4.1 to 5.0.  Our hosts are nowhere near us, they're in a datacenter at another location.  We recently discovered that two of the hosts' iLO interfaces are unreachable.  Given that the hosts themselves are up and operational, I'm guessing somehow, someway, the iLOs have lost their IP addresses.


We need the interface to run the software for remote installation.  When I go online and look up how to do this remotely, it says to modify the config file in /opt/hp/tools.


In my 4.1 host, this folder sequence doesn't exist.  I can find it in my 5.0 hosts, however.  This leads me to believe it's an upgrade thing.  So... since I don't have this path, how can I remotely configure my iLO IP addresses?


...or am I going to have to plan a road trip soon?