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vmkernel.log - unknown fatal error hpvsa b120i

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vmkernel.log - unknown fatal error hpvsa b120i

I am a ESXI rookie and run a HP Microserver Gen8 with ESXI5.1U3. Attached are 4 x 3TB WD Red and a Crucial 240GB SSD as Datastore on the ODD port. HP custom ISO used, latest SPP installed.

The b120i controller runs in RAID Mode with one RAID0 for each drive.

 I have some strange errors in the vmkernel.log and I am not able to find some additional information about it:

2016-05-23T18:51:51.166Z cpu0:3862568)HpDebugPrint: hpvsa: Fatal Error Interrupt Occured Port 4.  Interrupt status: 40000001.

The log entry occur irregular 3 to 15 times an hour. I have no clue, if this is something critical or ignorable.

I plan to use the storage with "real" data in the future and a fatal error sounds not very promising for this purpose.


Hope to get a hint from you, guys! Many thanks in advance...

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Re: vmkernel.log - unknown fatal error hpvsa b120i

looks like the picture attached in this post