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A5158A Fabric login

Dennis Chao
Occasional Contributor

A5158A Fabric login


I saw the question and I follow the link to find the answer but can not see anything. If someone can answers this question ?

Does the A5158A autosense if the host is connected to an arbitrated loop or a switched fabric? If it does not autosense, how does one change the setting to accomodate the appropriate environment?

We are running N4000 ux11 and use Hub to connect to FC-60 , we want to make N4000 through swtich connect to IBM Shark . We have the latest patch instlled. Thanks

Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: A5158A Fabric login

To enable fabric to A5158A, the following patch should be installed :

And also notice that PHKL_21381 is superseded to PHKL_23939.

Both patches require "reboot"

Hope this helps,
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Mark van Silfhout
Trusted Contributor

Re: A5158A Fabric login

Hi Dennis,

The A5158A is autosensing, so when connected to a switch (Brocade 2x00), be sure to disable quick loop for those ports you want to have fabric login. The FC card will than show PTTOPTFABR when looking with fcmsutil /dev/td0.
Offcourse all the FC patches must have been applied.

Best Regards,