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Are Secure Manager licenses additive?

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Are Secure Manager licenses additive?

I got the following message while trying to add luns to my secure manager table: Exceeded Your Licensed Capability/Please contact your authorized HP sales representative for an additional license to enable the use of this feature.

The question is: Can I buy any increment of the offered (T1004A - 500GB, T1005A - 1TB, T1006A - 5TB)? I currently have one T1004A and one T1005A (=1.5TB) and I would like to add another T1005A to bring me up to 2.5 TB. Is that how it could work?
Julian Perez_1
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Re: Are Secure Manager licenses additive?

Copy & paste from secure manager manual for virtual array:

When additional capacity is purchased for an array and, the Software Entitlement
Certificate information is returned to HP, a new License Key will be returned along with
a new feature description. The new feature description will identify the sum of your new
license request plus, all previous installed license capacities. For example if you purchased a â LUN_SECURITY_500GBâ capacity license, then later you purchased another license for 500 Gbytes for the same array (same serial number), HP would return a License Key with a new feature description of â LUN_SECURITY_1000GBâ .

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