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EVA 4100 Continuous Access performance problem


EVA 4100 Continuous Access performance problem

I have two EVAs 4100 connected through a pair of FCIP gateways.

I am trying to replicate about 3TB of information between sites, in order to perform backup to tapes in the remote site.

I have tried to copy 4GB of data to a virtual disk that is member of a replication group, in synchronous mode. It takes 7 minutes.

If i configure the DR group to asynchronous mode, it also takes 7 minutes!!

If i remove the vdisk from the replication disk, it takes 2 minutes.

Shouldn't the asynchronous mode be as fast as "no replication" mode??

I am not concerned about the time it takes to replicate, tha doesn't bother me, my problem is that when replication is active in asynchronous mode, the performance of the EVA is too slow in the local site.

Any comment will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance