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EVA P6300 - MPIO DSM for Hyper-V - recommendations?

Occasional Advisor

EVA P6300 - MPIO DSM for Hyper-V - recommendations?

Hi there,


I am about to install a P6300 dedicated to Hyper-V running on brand new HP servers running win2k8R2 SP1.

I am using CSV and will separate OS and Data VHDs across multiple EVA vdisks. I will manually load balance vdisk ownership across controllers, as per best practices.

Last time I checked the EVA MPIO DSM was not compatible with Hyper-V, but I believe it is now.


Would anyone be able to confirm if

I should be using the EVA MPIO DSM?

i should use a specific multipathing setup? (P6300 being active/active asymmetric) 


Many thanks in advance for your answers and tips.


Kind Regards, 


Alexandre Rappoport

Trusted Contributor

Re: EVA P6300 - MPIO DSM for Hyper-V - recommendations?

Hi Alexandre,


HP MPIO FF DSM for EVA 4.01.00 added support for Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) for Windows Server 2008 R2 and 4.02 added support for P6300 and P6500 family of disk arrays.  


For detailed configuration and setup, you may refer the installation and reference guide.  


For your quick reference attaching Release Note of both release and Installation & Reference Guide of 4.02.