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HBA QLogic

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HBA QLogic

Hello! I have MSA 1500cs, HP Proliant 580 G5, QLogic 2342, SAN Switch. I set IP address for switch - for lan, for FC IP, server IP Address - Both server and MSA 1500cs connected to switch, and all led is green. There is RH ES 4.5 on server. Then, i try to config MSA 1500. I install HP Array Configuration Utility, but when i run it, i see only Smart Array P400 from server with two internal disks, and no controller from MSA.
Drivers for HBA is qla2400. What i do wrong?
May be i must set ip address for MSA1500? But How? or may be i need something tuning for switch? How i can see that my HBA working properly? Please, help me! And sorry for my poor english. Thx.
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Re: HBA QLogic


I think I'm right in saying that the MSA can only be configured from the ACU on Windows platforms.

To configure it for Linux you need to connect the serial interface to the contollers on the MSA and do the setup through the CLI.

Hope this helps,


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Re: HBA QLogic

Yes, you are right! Thank you! When i connect serial cable to the MSA, and create LUN, my HP server see it after restart. Thus, there is no way to configure MSA in Linux in graphic mode??