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HP P2000 G3 SNMP Alerts

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HP P2000 G3 SNMP Alerts

Hey all new to the HP world.


We have a HP P2000 G3 SAS storage array.


I am working on some basic alerts so we know when something is wrong with the box.  My initial thinking was to use SNMP and monitor "Overall Unit Status:".   


The issue is that after I pulled a drive and my hot spare started rebuilding the output of "Overall Unit Status" is still OK.  I tested pulling the power from one of the power supplies and this caused "Overall Unit Status:" to report error which is great.


The array is in a degraded state, why in the world would the "Overall Unit Status:" still report "OK"?  I see pulling a drive generated a "warning" type of alert, were as when I pulled one power supply it generated a "error" type of alert.  Any reason behind any of this?  I would think a drive going missing or dieing would be an error and not just a warning.


Maybe there is a better way of doing this, or a better oid to walk.  I appreciate the input! 

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Re: HP P2000 G3 SNMP Alerts

Also, could anyone confirm the various outputs which this OID can output.  I am guessing its "OK" "Error" or "Critical"