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HP Ultrium 230 Ext Drive slow

Mick Lee
Occasional Visitor

HP Ultrium 230 Ext Drive slow

New Compaq Proliant ML530, Dual 1GHz processors, 512mb Ram, Compaq Smartarray contrpoller 5302 PCI U3SCSI 32mb cache. Adaptec 29160 SCSI adapter dedicated to the tape drive, Both Array controller and SCSI adapter are using 66/64 PCI banks of the mother board.
All components are compatible, and when using The PAT (performance Assesment tool) I should be acheiving 15 m/sec but can only get 3.9 m/sec.
Please can anyone shed any light on this....
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: HP Ultrium 230 Ext Drive slow

Hi Mick,

PAT measures the the filesystems abillity to provide data as fast as possble. If this number is lower than you expected then it may be time to investigate your disk subsystem setup.

Areas to look at:
- Raid config and stripe size
- Amount of cache memory on the RAID card
- Amount of disks and speed of the disks
- PCI bus configuration

HP has a sizable document about this at http://www.products.storage.hp.com/storage/pdf/ultperfpress.pdf.

good luck.