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N4000 attach to IBM ESS using Direct Fabric

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N4000 attach to IBM ESS using Direct Fabric

I am in the process of building a platform with a pair of N400's in a Service Guard cluster attached to an IBM ESS F20 arrays. The SAN is provided by Brocade switches.

When we first attached the storage, we could only see LUN's on the SAN with a LUN ID of 0.

The HBA's are A5158A.

Has anyone configured storage in this way, and if so were you able to probe for LUN's other than 0 on a particular path.
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Re: N4000 attach to IBM ESS using Direct Fabric


I can't answer your question directly, but 2 points to thing about building a HA cluster with HP MCS and ESS

a) I don't think ESS is supported by HP for SG (specially as a lock disc)- I know that now IBM supports this combination but we know what this means in case of problems.
b) You will run into problems with EMS (Event Monitoring Service) and ESS (as we did), because EMS handles ESS like normal discs and that does not work, so you have to stop EMS.
SG makes some problems if EMS is not running, because there is a close link between both products.
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Re: N4000 attach to IBM ESS using Direct Fabric


Two things to note:
First is make sure that you are using the latest driver fot A5158A which is B.11.06 If you dont have it you can download it from http://software.hp.com

Other thing to have the latest patches for Fibre channel.

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Re: N4000 attach to IBM ESS using Direct Fabric

Hi Peter,

if you're only able to see LUN0 and nothing above this could result of the following:
With HP-UX11.0 and a certain SCSI patch level HP-UX needed to have a LUNo and all other LUNs configured in sequential order without gaps. Patch PHKL_21607 resolved this issue. The current patch number is PHKL_24004.

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