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OVSMA and OVSOM License

guido hoetelmans
Occasional Visitor

OVSMA and OVSOM License

I want to buy a used EVA5000. The previous owner has payed the licenses of the eva5000. It includes also the licences for the 5TB (Unlimited use licence)
Do I need to buy a new SMA and SOM licence.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: OVSMA and OVSOM License

You can't really buy new OVSOM licenses (well you can buy add-on capacity for existing installations, but no longer the media kit for new installations). OVSOM has been set for end-of-life and is replace by the Storage Essentials product.

The SMA (Storage Management Appliance) should be EOL, too. It has been replaced by a general purpose Windows server.

I don't know wether you can transfer existing licenses between customers. The rules might even be different between countries - I don't know. Best is to check with the HP licensing department.