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Questions about P2000 G3 and iSCSI MPIO (8 Port Version) with MS iSCSI (2003)


Questions about P2000 G3 and iSCSI MPIO (8 Port Version) with MS iSCSI (2003)

Hi, I'm a bit confused about Configuration with iSCSI MPIO in Windows 2003.

As I coudn't find any Guildlines for a Configuration , which utilizes all Ports in two different Network Segments, I used the old MSA 2000 G1 Config here and scaled it up with using 2 Ports per Controller and Network Segment (see attached Overview).

The Host Ports have the following adresses:

Controller A Port 1
Controller A Port 2
Controller A Port 3
Controller A Port 4

Controller B Port 1
Controller B Port 2
Controller B Port 3
Controller B Port 4

There is only one server connected right now, which I use to check the Configuration (using Windows 2003 with MS iSCSI Initiator 2.08) and a added _all_ (is this correct ?) Host-Ports to discovery.

Then I logged on and tried to select the approperiate Source and Target IPs (just made sure they are in the same Subnet).

I now want to make sure, that both Ports on the Server are used. I had a look without changing anything in MPIO Config (thus it is 1 Path, Failover only) and way about 100MB/s Read and a Bit less write (all sequential to a 4-Drive Raid 10).

If I switch to Round-Robin, it used all Paths and the Speed broke down to a crawl. When I switch to Round-Robin with Subset and pick some Pathes, I can reach up to 200MB/s seq. Read (choosing all Pathes to Controller A, which hosts my vDisk in this case).

I now wonder how I set this up correctly.
Should I only add the IPs and Pathes to the Controller owning my vDisk or it is necessairy to add them all for Failover to work?

And does the Microsoft iSCSI-Initiator memorize, which Pathes are to be used after Failover/Reboot etc. ? If the wrong pathes are choosen, the Performance can break down to like 10%.

Maybe I also hafe a Configuration Error somewhere.

I also noticed, that now only one Target seems to be presented via the P2000 Unit; a MSA2000G1 had one for each Controller .. so my Configuration Overview is a bit incorrect.
Pedro Eleuterio
Occasional Visitor

Re: Questions about P2000 G3 and iSCSI MPIO (8 Port Version) with MS iSCSI (2003)



I configured the 8 NIC just like you. Have you managed to activate Round Robin on Server iSCSI Initiator? It doesn't show up on my Server 2008, even after I installed MPIO, and configured everything on the manuals regarding Multipath.