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msa1000 password reset

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msa1000 password reset

Is there a way to reset the admin password on a msa1000 w/ a brocade fiber switch(2/8)? I can access one side, but the other I'm unable to access. It still has the ip address, I've tried admin/password, factory/password...I'm working with an on-line system...any help would be appreciated.
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Re: msa1000 password reset

I don't remember if that switch has a console port or not. If so, you can serial connect to it and reset all the passwords. I believe there is no security on the console port so you do not need to "log in".

If there is no console port...

telnet to the switch, or web gui and try the account:


If you can get in with root, you can change the passwords...

passwd admin

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Re: msa1000 password reset

root and user did not work either (lowercase uid/psd). I still have to try coming in through the switch.
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Re: msa1000 password reset

Hi Mike,

You will probably be able to change the password if you can link the switch to another Brocade switch that you do know the password for - there's a utility (somewhere) on Brocade's website to do this.

It's likely though that you'll have to take the switch offline to do this, as you may well need to change parameters on the upstream switch in order to get the ISL up.

Hope this helps,