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problems with fibre channel SAN

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problems with fibre channel SAN

Hi! I've got an L3000 and N4000 connected by two fibre channel adapters to two brocades making a SAN. There is too an FC60 and FC10 connected to it. I think I've got the lastest patches and drivers of the adapters (PHKL_23626 and FibrChanl-00 B.11.11.04)but frequently I receive EMS notifications of the dm_FCMS_adapter monitor saying that has been an "Fibre Channel inquiry failed".
I think that the hardware is ok because the system is in production and its working well.
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Re: problems with fibre channel SAN

Have a look at the output of
fcmsutil /dev/td1 stat | grep -i bad

where td1 is the device file associated with the HBA (ioscan -fnkCtd)

There is probably a patch, search on the patch tab here is the forums, and see if the latest patch fixes the problem.

In either case, fcmsutil will better diagnose more serious problems with your HBA.

It works for me (tm)
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Re: problems with fibre channel SAN

when I execute "fcmsutil /dev/tdX stat -s" I receive the similar results in all interfaces:

Loss of signal 2
Bad Rx Char 255
Loss of Sync 3
Link Fail 3
Received EOFa 0 Discarded Frame 0
Bad CRC 0 Protocol Error 0

another symptomp is when I execute an ioscan -fn. It lasts a long time and I receive an EMS notification of the fc monitor for every interface.