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3 broad steps and a bill of RIGHTS to drive business through analytics

Nadhan on ‎02-12-2013 05:06 AM

“It's not about the data. It's about how we're able to use the data,” Bob McDonald, CEO of Procter and Gamble said in an article in Information Week by Chris Murphy. This is also my key takeaway from the IDC Market Spotlight Unified Information Access: Bridging the Silos. Both messages resonate throughout various posts I’ve made in this domain – whether about applying the principles of economics to information or getting the Return on Information (ROI) from your most valuable asset. Still there’s something to be said about this concept being recognized by the CEO of a global enterprise that serves the needs of about 4.6 billion of the nearly 7 billion people on the planet.


Join me in a discussion around the three broad steps he recommends for enterprises. He also calls out four “rights” in these steps, creating a sort of bill of “rights” (similar to the Cloud Transformation Bill of Rights that I had posted not so long ago):

Big Data Bill of Rights.png

1. Get the RIGHT tools and technology. We have a whole new suite of tools at our disposal – from turning the tables on computers to winning presidential elections. The unlimited availability of data, in its structured and unstructured forms, has prompted the emergence of tools that can glean the sentiment of the user ecosystem across Systems of Engagement. The IDC Market Spotlight also highlights the need to have tools that can provide seamless access to both structured and unstructured data.


2. Put the RIGHT people in the RIGHT places. In the world of Big Data, guess who has the sexiest job in the 21st century? The Data Scientist. Informationalization of data that matters, as McDonald points out, is a skill vital to realizing the Return on Information for enterprises. Also, per a letter written From the Desk of Big Data, even our existing job descriptions have been impacted by the increasing volumes of data, now approaching Brontobytes. A recent HP newsletter titled, "Collaborate to maximize business value from strategic information, featuring Gartner research” also lists the specific roles required for this purpose.


3. Build the RIGHT culture. Simply put, enterprises need to be at least as social as their customers. A brave new social world of mobile interactions where sentiment analysis must be a sustained activity at all times. CIOs need to have a system of engagement with the CMO, the new Master in the eyes of Big Data. A review of these three real-life scenarios of Systems of Engagement will highlight McDonald’s key observation about having the right culture.

So, there you have it – three steps and four rights – that provide a path to realizing the intelligence from the most valuable assets in your enterprise – information.


How about you? How is your enterprise driving business through analytics? Is there a fourth step or a fifth “Right” that you would recommend? Please let me know.


Meanwhile, I need to get some toothpaste before my dentist appointment – which is likely to contribute another chunk of data to be analyzed by P&G the right way.


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