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A New Style of Data Science at HP Discover

Nadhan on ‎04-23-2014 09:27 AM

Taking a sneak peek at the various sessions in the Big Data Track for HP Discover, one of the sessions that stands out is DT3619 - When Big Data becomes truly big and truly fastby Jaap Suermondt, VP, Analytics Lab, HP Labs. This session explores improvements in how to turn data into actionable information, and how to use sensing and control analytics to better understand the physical world around us. But to shape the world at zetta scale – as the abstract suggests – we will need more than computers and data science. What we need is a New Style of Data Scientists. Say hello to Data Artists!

 Computers and Data Scientists.png

During my growing years, I remember going to the local physician who did not have access to a plethora of tests and graphs to decipher. He would visually examine me, ask a few questions and diagnose the problem right then and there with an uncanny sense of accuracy. That is art. But going through a series of tests, taking advantage of years of medical history, and applying statistical techniques to diagnose the problem is science.


When it comes to Big Data, it’s not just about applying such technologies on the data – they are necessary but not sufficient. It’s also about the artistic way of massaging the data available to determine the gold mine of insight in your enterprise, and then take action on this insight. That is what it takes to make Big Data matter.


Data Scientists can go a long way by applying scientific techniques to glean valuable information. With a dose of artificial intelligence, we can get to a level of automation in applying complex analytical techniques to this data. However, we will always need the human artistic mindset to realize business value with context. What data should be analyzed? What is the nature of the information that we are looking for? Who needs it? When? Why? How should this information be delivered to them in a timely fashion? The questions may be the same, but the answers are different for each enterprise, which is why it will never be an exact science.


So for Data Scientists to be effective in a world driven by the New Style of IT, they need to be Data Artists as well. Data Scientists who only focus on scientific techniques may very well become fiction. Because the fact is, they need to be Data Artists.


It is not the first time that I would be attending Suermondt’s session at HP Discover conferences. I have really enjoyed Navigating the Big Data Traffic Jam with Suermondt at HP Discover 2013. When it comes to Data Science – as I witnessed in that session – Suermondt is a true Data Artist!

Traffic Jam Downtown.png


What say you? How are you deriving value from the Big Data in your enterprise? Are Data Artists working on your Big Data along with Data Scientists? When it comes to navigating the Big Data Traffic Jam – are you there yet? Please let me know.


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