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Big Data defines competitive enterprise at HP Discover 2013

Nadhan on ‎04-10-2013 08:43 AM

What Big Data has to say matters. Therefore, the tagline for the Track Keynote session TK2789 caught my attention — "Make information matter; make Big Data work for you." I couldn't agree more. Let me add that enterprises must use data that matters to drive their competitive differentiation, thereby realizing their return on information. The abstract reads, “ … companies that succeed in turning Big Data into actionable information will have a clear competitive advantage over those that don't.”


Big Data Competitive Enterprise.png

Here are some of the points that are likely to be made in this panel discussion. By the way, if you’re interested in engaging in a “panel” discussion with me on this topic, I look forward to your comments!


So, what are the factors that competitive enterprises will be addressing that other companies won't? Here are my thoughts:



Competitive enterprises will:

Other enterprises will


Realize context-specific assembly of structured and unstructured data to realize the big picture.


Continue to process data in isolation without realizing the return on information.


Recognize the vital role played by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and ensure that the CIO develops a System of Engagement with the CMO.


Continue to have the legacy stewards for data across the lifecycle.


Revitalize the Big Data skillsets of the IT staff to the extent that they may even have the sexiest job today in the world.


Continue to train their staff on current technologies.


Ensure that proactive measures are in place to be ahead of the adversaries by protecting information.


React to security violations after they occur.


Recognize information to be their most valuable asset, and apply the principle of Infonomics even though it could be a taxing exercise.


Continue to grow the value of existing assets that have been around since the dawn of IT.


What is interesting here is that the approach taken by the other enterprises is not incorrect. After all, it’s what enterprises have been doing for all the right reasons for many decades. However, the brave new world of social interactions has introduced a disruption to the status quo that requires enterprises to take action today to drive the innovation of the planet by 2020 – defining the competitive enterprise of the future.


How about you? What steps come to your mind when you think of being the competitive enterprise by taking the right actions on Big Data?


I am very interested in your opinion.  As far as I am concerned, if you read this post, you are part of my panel. Let the discussions begin leading up to this session at HP Discover — a System of Engagement in itself.


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.


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on ‎04-12-2013 11:09 AM

There is no question that Big Data offers an enormous opportunity for enterprises to gain competitive advantage. Nadhan, you are spot on about the need for organizations to use data that matters to sharpen their edge over competitors. To your point about CMOs and CIOs staying fully aligned, I would add that it is imperative for CIOs to play a key role in executing business strategy. One way to do that is to leverage the right corporate data, regardless of its origin or format. Thanks for a great post. Looking forward to seeing you at Discover, and I encourage those attending to join us for the Big Data track keynote (TK2789).

on ‎04-12-2013 12:47 PM

Thank you, June for your insightful observations.  We now have at least two members in this "virtual panel"  so far -- you ane me for sure!


Thanks also for a great post by you on defining ROI - Return on Information.  Have you checked out a new definition for ROI that I just introduced - Return on Infrastructure?


And for those who are attending HP Discover including yourself, please review my request to you to participate in a System of Engagement with me as I prepare for the session I am presenting on Predicting the future with Systems of Engagement


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.

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