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Discover an enjoyable User Experience beyond the GUI

Nadhan on ‎06-11-2014 11:56 AM

“It is not just about being useful, but it needs to be usable and ultimately enjoyable.” That was the slide that was up on the screen as I walked into the DT3804 session - How to build great Mobile Apps by Traci Terterian and Oded Klimer at HP Discover. Terterian was talking about building great mobile apps, based on a design that is centered around the new Nucleus of IT—the user. In the true spirit of having fun in the Race to the New Style of IT, the Mobile App must be an enjoyable experience for the user—an app  the user should want to use rather than have to use. Therein lies the fundamentals of “an enjoyable user experience,” much more than the basic functional value the Graphical User Interface (GUI) used to deliver. Useful doesn’t cut it anymore.


elephant into car.jpgCheckout what it means to go from Useful to Enjoyable.

  • Useful - Does it add value? Does it meet expectations?
  • Usable - Is it easy to use? Is it easy to understand?
  • Enjoyable – Are you having fun? Hello New Style of IT!

So, what are the key factors that influence this vital transition from Useful to Enjoyable?


User. Being their own device, users of today have multiple things going in parallel that are related to their personal and professional lives. Where they are doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about what they have to deal with at any point in time. Innovation triggered by User Insight applied in alignment with Business Goals can result in the WOW! Factor that matters.


Content. While users may seek convenience, they do not necessarily want to sacrifice content. Oded Kilmer put up a slide titled “How to fit an elephant into a car,” referencing the content available on traditional websites that must be migrated to a mobile device. There isn’t much fun you can have if you don't have the right content!


Responsive. The user's screen could be a wearable device (with the tiniest screen imaginable) all the way to a hall-sized monitor. Screen size no longer matters. The app must intelligently render itself and be responsive to the screen size.


Evaluate. Finally, the ultimate validation is in the evaluation of how long it takes users to access various items of information. A reasonable target would be to attain 100% success within three attempts.


The session reinforced the central role of users in the New Style of IT. In a world where Software is the new Brand that defines the Digital Enterprise, it is vital that the apps are geared to users. The manner in which the app is designed is strongly influenced by the user base – with empowered buyers demanding a new level of customer obsession.


How about you? Are there other factors you would take into consideration for Mobile Apps within your enterprise? Are your users having fun with mobile apps? Please let me know.


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