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Nadhan on ‎04-21-2014 03:23 PM

My high-schooler is all excited about the prospects available to her in various fields of interest, as she visits colleges providing her a plethora of options in various fields of study. It’s vital that she picks the options that best suit her needs, just like enterprises have to do what is right for them by selecting the options that best meet their business objectives. Join me as I elaborate the reasons why there is a striking resemblance between these thought processes.

College Steps.jpg

They say, “It’s not about getting into the best college, but getting into the college that is best for you.” I say, “It’s not about picking the best solution, but the combination of solutions that work best for the enterprise.”


How do you go about picking the solution that works best for your enterprise? How does my daughter pick the courses that work best for the enterprise of her life?


By addressing four key points.


1. Long-term goals.  What are her long-term goals? Just like enterprises need to have strategic insight into their business goals—a vision that makes the competitive enterprises of the future.


2. Current state. Where does she stand today 4 – from an academic and individual perspective? Just like enterprises have to take into consideration the landscape of resources that span the spectrum of infrastructure, applications, software, people and processes.


3. Getting there. What is the road map to realizing her goals?  The "me too" philosophy only goes so far. The New Style of IT offers enterprises countless options across cloud, mobility, Big Data, and security. It’s not about moving to the Cloud because “The Cloud is cool.” It’s all about doing what is right for the enterprise in alignment with the business objectives.


4. Tactical steps.  The question finally boils down to: how would a college education help my daughter realize her long-term goals? Enterprises have to take a closer look at the baby steps they have to take in the near term, such as piloting new technologies to obtain buy-in from various segments of the customer base. The tactical steps taken today have to align with the strategic vision of the future.


While exploring options, my daughter takes full advantage of her high-school guidance counselor. He brings together past experiences – in conjunction with emerging trends – which succinctly provide valuable guidance for our daughter.


Enterprises are better off with such guidance too, provided they obtain counsel from the right partners. Partners who can provide experience-based advice on realizing your enterprise vision.


For more information on a partner who is best positioned to do just that, please check out Track Keynote TK 3586 with Larry Stack, Senior VP, Global Sales and Eric Harmon, Senior VP, ES Global Practices and Transformation, HP Enterprise Services at HP Discover in Las Vegas, June 10 – 12.


How about you? What is the combination of solutions that works best for your enterprise? Got any college recommendations for my daughter? Please let me know. 


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan


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