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Enterprise Forward: The innovators—Jack Walicki

‎08-13-2014 11:26 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:06 AM

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Enterprise Forward 

The innovators: Jack Walicki


As New Service Incubation Chief Technologist, Jack Walicki drives innovation for clients and the incubation and acceleration processes that fuel it. In this role, Walicki understands that before delivering value and incubating success, effective innovators must be inspired to solve problems, and nurture an intense desire to shift the state of the universe, if ever so slightly.


Q: Describe the “incubation and acceleration” process that drives innovation.

A: Any large corporation has specific dynamics such that when things get terribly complicated, everyone seems to want to be going in several different directions. It becomes difficult to move forward because there are so many variables, complexities, and dependencies, as well as questions that cannot be answered. There is a tendency to get paralyzed—paralysis by analysis.


I learned that the way to cut through this complexity is just to move forward. Take the first step. Move, but move with sufficient analysis so you know you’re not walking off a cliff.


j_walicki_ct.jpgQ: What impact does the New Style of IT have on this process?

A: The New Style of IT enables this critical forward motion. It allows enterprise leaders to make better decisions because it improves the analysis process with better information delivered at just the right time. The enterprise can use capabilities enabled by the Cloud and other technologies and gain full access to rich information sources at any time, no matter where they are.


Q: What business value does “incubation and acceleration” generate for your clients?

A: It’s a process that forces the enterprise to realize the value of innovations like Cloud capabilities, because if they don’t, others will. Large organizations might take a lesson from smaller organizations that seem to slide onto the Cloud surface and into other innovations much faster.


Q: In the shifting technology landscape, what is the one big idea enterprises need to keep in mind to remain successful?

A: The biggest challenge successful businesses face is staying successful. To remain a thriving enterprise, you have to disrupt what is keeping you alive. You have to incubate new ways of doing business that will almost always attack processes supporting the business.


The ability to lead by being ruthless in separating what needs to happen from what is happening is probably the most critical piece. It is absolutely necessary to enable a new way of operating while the old way of operating is supporting you. To do this you have to create a culture where incubations are so desired and so supported that forward movement, hitting the wall, and failing are actually recognized as achievement, as significant progress. Failure that releases new knowledge is actually success.


Q: What specifically inspires you to create and innovate?

A: To prove that difficult problems can be solved. To prove that something new that didn’t exist yesterday, that can possibly change the state of the universe, can be generated tomorrow. That’s what drives me.


To learn more about innovating in the New Style of IT, visit  Enterprise Forward. And please join us for more discussion in the HP Enterprise Forward LinkedIn Group.

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