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From Legacy Applications to Cloud Services (Part 2: the Analysis)

‎06-10-2014 05:57 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:04 AM

By:  Daniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company


appstranspicture.jpgIn part 1 of the blog series, we highlighted the need for differentiation of the existing application portfolio. Based on the diversity of the existing landscape, a thorough analysis needs to be conducted. This requires a rigid methodology to ensure that the outcomes of the analysis can be achieved within a very short period of time. Many businesses get lost in the analysis and never make it to the next step of actually transforming the applications. An overview on the whole application transformation methodology can be found in the image here. The assessment is not that complicated, but requires a strong focus from both IT and business to achieve the results that are required to define the modernisation roadmap. For IT it is imperative to include the business view into the assessment in order to take the appropriate transformation steps going forward.


Our assessment methodology has three major steps to complete the analysis:

  1. Review current baseline and develop target architecture – In this phase we will collect key application data, map it to the business processes and create an understanding of the data assets associated with applications. In addition, the technical and functional viability of the applications will be reviewed. Once that has been done, we will also assess the costs of each application in relation to the business process. In-flight projects for the application landscape will be noted and reviewed to ensure that these projects are in line with the move towards the cloud. A high-level target architecture will be defined.
  2. Gap Analysis and Recommendation – Here we will identify portfolio overlaps and gaps, perform application value assessment and analyze interface complexities. Once that has been done we can go for the cloud suitability analysis. HP has developed an online tool, which would give you a first high-level answer, if a given application could be moved to the cloud. HP’s Christian Verstraete has just written about the online tool.
  3. Applications Roadmap and Business Case – Once we have done the gap analysis, we will prioritize opportunities and recommendations, develop the roadmap and approach and assess risks and mitigation plans. Based on that information, we can build the required business cases and develop the roadmap schedule.

Once the roadmap schedule and the target architecture (which might include multiple cloud platforms) has been approved, the preparation can start for the transformation towards the cloud, which we will discuss in part 3 of this blog series.


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danielamor2.jpgDaniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company

Daniel’s expertise includes Applications Modernisation (AMod), Cloud, Portals, Web Apps and the SOA domain. He has designed and led the implementation of large-scale, complex applications-related projects with clients throughout Europe. Daniel has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and is the author of six books and numerous articles in European and US-based publications on IT change. More information about Daniel can be found at http://www.hp.com/go/danielamor.

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Daniel Amor (EMEA, AMOD, Cloud, Portals, Web Apps and SOA/Microservices domain expert): Daniel has designed, won, led and delivered large-scale, complex applications-related projects by acting as a trusted advisor to clients. Daniel conducts regular training and client-facing sessions, and he has authored six books and numerous articles in European and US-based magazines and newspapers on IT change. He is a regular lecturer and he speaks on Portals, E-Business and Cloud.

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