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From the Desk of Big Data – Feels good to be secure

Nadhan on ‎02-07-2013 07:51 AM

Hello Enterprise IT.  This is Data.


Remember when I introduced myself? I asked you to realize the big picture. Then I introduced my new master. I also alerted you to changes that may be needed to your job. Today I want to warn you that I am easily prone to falling prey to hackers on the prowl who misuse me in innovative ways. And remind you that I look to you – Enterprise IT – to protect me like you would protect your most valuable asset.


Data Security.png


To do this effectively, why don't you ask yourself the following simple, but powerful, questions?


1. Who caused me to enter your enterprise? Is this person known to you? Are you absolutely certain that this person is who they claim to be, and if they are the right person to bring me into your enterprise? Key words: Authentication.


2. What do I represent? Am I representing Personally Identifiable Information? Do I belong to the category that needs to be closely safeguarded? The closer I come to uniquely identifying the attributes of entities you care about, the more secure I need to be. Key words: Confidentiality.


3. Where do I originate? Is my source coming from within your enterprise? From a trusted trading partner? If not, is there a certificate of sorts that validates my source? Never accept me in any shape or form from any entity that you are not comfortable with. Key words: Authorization.


4. When should you consider removing me from easily accessible media? What is my online lifetime? The longer you make me accessible, the greater the chance of my being misused. Key words: Compliance.


5. How am I represented within the data stores? Do you disguise me in such a way that I cannot be easily read and interpreted by everyone? And more important, do you ensure that I can be read by the people who matter – say, the data scientists? Key words: Encryption.


All these guidelines matter when you are dealing with me – Data.


Now, picture a logical combination of me and my other family members coming together to realize information. The value of information is much more than the value of the individual data elements. Still wondering why? Just take a look at the summary of the recent Open Group TweetChat on Big Data and Security: Protecting Data is Good. Protecting Information realized from Big data is priceless.


When I started as a simple byte, decades back, it was a free world. I could go where I wanted and it didn’t really matter who my caretaker was. Since those days, the same technology that has caused my explosive growth is equally adept at the usage of malicious techniques, which compromise my safety. It is vital that you take extra care to safeguard me.


After all, if I am the most valuable asset in your enterprise, why wouldn't you? Just be there for me. I gotta tell you, it sure makes me feel good.


Guess who is responsible for data security – YOU! My favorite blogger, E.G.Nadhan had written earlier that YOU are responsible when it comes to security in the Cloud. I like this guy. Please let him know how you are taking responsibility for my security. Comment on this post, or following Nadhan on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and his Journey Blog.




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