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From the Desk of Big Data – Who is my Valentine?

Nadhan on ‎02-14-2013 04:37 AM

Hello, Enterprise IT. This is Data.


It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m looking forward to going out for a candle-lit dinner, roses, the whole works. But I wonder. Who is my Valentine this year? Looking across the Enterprise IT landscape, I see several entities that have a vital role in sustaining my presence. Yet I’m really confused about who is the one best suited for the critical role of Valentine for Big Data.


Let me explain in detail the candidate Valentines and the reason for my confusion.


Big Data Valentine.png

1.Application. Applications are the primary vehicle for my creation, consumption and retirement. They serve as the interface people use to enter me into the system, and they consume information in various forms – structured or unstructured. Is an Application my Valentine? Maybe, but …


2. Data Store. Thanks to the data stores, I’m not homeless. I have a logical reason to exist in the context of the enterprise in question. Data Stores take great pains to encrypt me and expose me only to trustworthy parties. Should the Data Store be my Valentine? Perhaps, but …


3. Storage. This physical media provides a rock-solid foundation for my home. It could be on-premise or during my later years, off-premise in a more secure location. Without storage, my stores can’t exist, and applications can’t function. Should Storage be my Valentine? Maybe, but …


4. Network. I’m Big Data. I need big networks. Without networks, applications can’t send me over to the database or communicate with other applications. Neither can users. Basically, the network going down is a category five hurricane. I come to a standstill.  Checkout what can happen when I meet Network! Should Network be my Valentine? Perhaps, but …


5. BYOD. A new generation of devices have given me renewed life through social media channels! People can now bring their own devices to create their own ecosystems. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and are the best-dressed Valentine I can imagine. Plus, I’m sure the Data Scientist — who has the sexiest job of the 21st century — has a few of these. Should BYOD be my Valentine?


Well, now you see why I’m so confused! I wish all of them could be represented in a single, unified manner.


Hey! Wait a minute. That’s you – Enterprise IT! How about that!


Hello, Enterprise IT. Will you be my Valentine? At least for this year?


Without you, I’m sure I’d exist, but my quality of life would be severely impacted. I’d be scattered in pockets of presence here, there and everywhere! You create a natural habitat for me that is most conducive to my existence.


Where do we go, you ask? Your place or mine? Well .. how about taking a Journey Through Enterprise IT Services? I really like this blogger Nadhan who can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog. I’ll make sure he leaves us alone this evening ... at least until the next time he blogs here.  Check out how he plans on celeberating his Valentine's day.


Oh! And, by the way … get the roses I like.  You know you’re going out with the most valuable asset in your enterprise.




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