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From the desk of Big Data – Changes to your job description

Nadhan on ‎01-31-2013 02:37 AM

Hello, Enterprise IT. This is Data.


By now, I have walked you through realizing the big picture and introduced you to my new Master. In this post, I am going to explain how my pervasive presence within your enterprise is requiring adjustments to your job descriptions. For enterprise IT to effectively realize business value from my presence, you need to grow your current responsibilities and expand your approaches to executing existing duties.


The Open Group Web Jam on Cloud Computing and IT job descriptions may provide some cues. While I respect the impact of Cloud, here is my take on how I uniquely impact key roles across enterprise IT.


CxO. New terms are being defined (re: Infonomics) to recognize my presence as the most valuable asset in the enterprise. CEOs must ensure that the executive leadership across Finance, Marketing, and IT collaborate effectively to nurture and manage my presence. As the Chief Officer for Information, CIOs must have a System of Engagement with my new Master – the CMO – while continuously aligning the IT roadmap with the Financial Roadmap for the enterprise.


Enterprise Architect. Architectures must seamlessly accommodate the expanding storage needs of brontobytes of structured and unstructured data while leveraging the right technologies – including those that can glean user sentiment in production and even enable the vital analytics that drive winning presidential campaigns.


Applications Developer. Tools have turned the tables on computers that forced us to be housed in rows and columns. Going forward, developers need to work with intelligent synthesis of the data available in various shapes and forms. As Geoffrey Moore states it, enterprises are assembling Systems of Engagement based upon their existing Systems of Record which drives my continuous explosion and expansion. Application developers must become accustomed to developing the enabling components for these Systems of Engagement.


Tester. There is no such thing as sufficient testing. There is always the possibility of a scenario that was not accounted for. But my expanding presence has added additional challenges to testing. Have applications been load-tested for the largest volume I could grow to? ExaBytes? ZettaBytes? YottaBytes? BrontoBytes? Is there sufficient coverage for the myriad combinations now possible through instant informationalization of data from multiple sources? You may have plans for realizing the big picture – but have you tested it?


Operator. Operators will maintain newer storage architectures vital to my effective accommodation, as well as resource allocation driven by fluctuating demands. At the same time, operators may actually have less to do thanks to the introduction of innovative automation mechanisms during my administration and management.


There have been several points in the history of IT when your job descriptions have been continuously adjusted with changing times and emerging paradigms. However, the extent of my impact on your resumes ranks right at the top – after all, guess who was instrumental in creating the sexiest job of the 21st century?


How about you? How have I affected your role? Could you please let this guy call Nadhan know by commenting on this post or following him at Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog?


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