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From the desk of Big Data - Realizing the Big Picture

Nadhan on ‎01-15-2013 07:35 AM

Hey, enterprise IT:


This is Data. You know, the fundamental unit that, over the years, you christened a byte? Well, now our numbers have grown. We’re talking brontobytes today. I know you know this, but from little bytes grow mighty …. well … you get the picture? Maybe not. Maybe a little friendly perspective would help this conversation.Ones and Zeroes.png


Let’s see: It all started with a combination of 0’s and 1’s. But I’ve multiplied at an astounding rate and our species continues to grow with no end in sight! Granted, some of us are a little more structured than others. But that is certainly not true for my wild cousins, who tend to have a mind of their own. (Trust me, we all have great chemistry when we get together, and I’m amazed at how much more value we can get when we join hands for a specific purpose with proper context.) In fact, we’ve given coming together with context a name. We call it information. It has already been applied conceptually in many other areas—we had to wait our turn. Still fuzzy?


Let me share some intriguing, real-world parallels, so you can understand a bit more from my perspective.


It is important that you—enterprise IT—connect the right members of my extended family to get information that matters. It is not the first time that people have had to assimilate bits and pieces together to realize a meaningful picture. Look at some of these parts that make up a whole:


1. Lego™ As early as childhood, you guys have connected the right combination of Legos to form shapes.


2. Musical notes The artistic among you position different notes in rhythmic patterns that are orchestrated into sheets of soul-filling symphonies.


3. Ingredients All the cooks in your kitchen know that one ingredient by itself doesn't make a good meal. You have to blend just the right set of ingredients into a wholesome menu of appetizing dishes.


4. The alphabet Even children know how to crystallize individual letters into words that are logically grouped into sentences in a well-knit framework called language.


5. The atom.  The right pairs of atoms with opposite charges form molecules that make up meaningful matter that defines the environment we live in.


So, why this? Why now? Well, I think the time has come for you to take a cue from nature and apply the right technologies to bring big data together. Think of the effect! Enterprises could use the right tools to turn the tables on computers to analyze brontobytes of data into useful intelligence on those of us who matter. Using data that matters realizes real business value—delivering something I like to call Return on Information.


What are you waiting for? Taking a look at HP Newsletter:  Collaborate to maximize business value from strategic information, featuring a Gartner research would be a good start.


I am waiting to be discovered at the right time and will whole-heartedly submit myself to be profiled, analyzed, processed, integrated, migrated, governed, secured—even archived! And when the time comes, I’m willing to be purged. So please don't just leave me alone in the darkest corners of your enterprise. You know, as I said earlier, I am the fundamental unit of IT. But, did you know my fundamental reason for existence—my raison d'etre? YOU! 


What have you done for me lately? Do you know how you are treating me in your enterprise? Do you have any idea how BIG I’ve grown? Because I can’t begin to tell you the types of information I can yield for you.


Let’s get this party started!


Oh! The best way to reach me is to follow this guy called Nadhan at Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and his Journey Blog.


Got to go. I have to run to my next appointment. I’m scheduled to be modeled.



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