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HP SVP Art Wong on Security: Protecting customers and their bottom line

‎06-16-2014 12:34 PM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:04 AM

Hackers aren’t alone anymore. This new adversarial team has turned into a black market data-breaching economy of $104B a year! The security landscape is changing on a moment-by-moment basis with differing targets, points of entry, and levels of devastation.


Art Wong, Senior Vice President of HP Enterprise Security Services took a few minutes at HP Discover to share some essential insight with today’s executives: “56 percent of enterprises have been a target of a cyber-security attack. Nowadays it’s not IF it will happen, it’s WHEN it will happen. Companies need to position for a proactive approach.” (See this blog post on the Cyber Risk Report for more harrowing statistics.)


It’s unsuccessful to just block the perimeter when protecting sensitive customer data, intellectual property, plans, strategies, confidential and important assets. According to Art, companies need to:

  • Identify critical information and communicate importance of data security
  • Detect threats early and manage risk—don’t just block threats
  • Mitigate assets, so when a breach happens that there’s little damage


Watch this interview for more essential tips on developing cybersecurity programs that will ease the minds of your executive team and your board. It may even save you millions of dollars and your company’s image.


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