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Help! I think we’ve had a security breach

Info_Security ‎02-14-2013 08:10 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 06:47 AM

By Jeremy Ward, Security Consulting Offering Manager


These days can any business honestly say with absolute confidence that it hasn’t had a security breach? Whether it’s been a major incident, involving serious data losses and prosecution by a data protection regulator, or a much more minor event; security breaches are now a part of business life.


In fact a recent survey [1] showed that, on average, businesses become the victims of some sort of cybercrime at least twice a year. And losses can be significant – the survey found that the average annual cost to US companies was $8.9 million.


How should businesses respond – now that hoping it won’t happen isn’t the answer!


The first thing to say is that preparation is the best form of defence. All organizations need to look at what risks security breaches pose to their business and prepare a strategy for dealing with them. This means a combination of having the right people, implementing the most appropriate technology and putting in place effective processes to maximise efficient working and minimise business disruption.


security breachWorking with a good partner can help.


Very few organizations have all the qualified people they need to deal with the range of security breaches they are likely to face. So it makes sense to find a partner which has the people who understand the technology and process requirements that must be met both to prepare for a breach and to deal with its consequences.


At HP we have an unrivalled range of people and technology that we can share with you. We will help you to define your risk of a security breach, detect it using effective analysis, deter it using proactive awareness and defend against security breaches in future.


If you're interested in hearing more on this, watch the video below from the recent HP Discover event in Frankfurt, where I discuss this topic with my colleague Richard Archdeacon, CTO EMEA for HP Enterprise Security Services. 


























Here are some more useful resources to find out more about Security Breach Management:


Visit the website hp.com/services/security-breach-management

Read the Solution Overview Brochure

Read the HP Forensic Readiness Services factsheet

Watch the Breach Management Live Webinar



[1] Ponemon Institute: Cost of Cybercrime Survey 2012.


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on ‎04-11-2013 11:17 AM

Being prepared is your best defense.  I've seen this time and time again, throughout a career first as a vulnerability assessment analyst, then as an incident responder.  Arriving on-site to perform emergency incident response is often significantly hampered not only by too many people doing the wrong things, but those "in charge" being unable to answer critical questions, such as "where is your data?"


The issue of preparedness should be at the forefront even more now that may regulatory and compliance organizations mandate that it as a requirement.  This moves preparing for a data breach from the ethereal realm of "it won't happen to me" with no ROI, into a critical business requirement.


Digital forensic services can achieve a great deal for businesses, and should be pursued.  More than anything else, these services can provide critical information needed by CIOs to assess risk, in a timely fashion, and can be used to realize significant ROI.

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