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Honey, it’s time to shrink the data

Nadhan on ‎06-27-2013 06:34 AM

It's time to build a better enterprise. Together.” That was the key message I took away from HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas. The Vice President of HP Enterprise Services, Mike Nefkens, characterized this very well in his keynote. Enterprises need partners they can work with, as well as tools that can be applied to realize business value from information. In order to realize that business value, enterprises must work with data that matters. And to get to data that matters, it's even more important to get rid of data that doesn't.


Honey, it's time to shrink the data.


Ones and Zeroes - Big and Small.png

In this article in ComputerWorld, Joab Jackson discusses one of the many solutions announced at HP Discover, including HP Autonomy Legacy Data Cleanup. This tool can be used to analyze, tag and apply policy to data in legacy repositories to ensure appropriate action is taken. This includes defensible disposition of data, or the ongoing lifetime management of data based on policy. By identifying what data exists and where it is located, an organization can:


1. Streamline data management


2. Increase IT efficiency


3. Reduce information footprints — and the associated costs


4. Comply with regulatory requirements


Enterprises are accumulating Big Data by brontobytes. The volume, variety and velocity at which data is growing is incredible. While it is important that the right tool is used to process this data (to realize the return on information) it is also important to continuously have a mechanism to clean up unwanted fluff. This clean-up mechanism must be perennial, because data accumulation is not a seasonal phenomenon. Remember, it’s a (brave) new social world of mobile interactions. So Big Data clean-up is not a once-a-year spring cleaning event.   


Enterprises of tomorrow need to have the right information strategy, which includes identifying data retention time frames. Such enterprises must have the right partners in their transformation journey. Partners who know what it takes to effectively apply the principles of Infonomics working with data scientists. Partners who have the tools to do by design — rather than by accident — what the character of Rick Moranis did in the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.


How about you? At what rate is Big Data growing in your enterprise? Are you cleaning up the data keeping pace with the rate at which it is growing? Do you have the right tools to shrink your data? Please let me know – and by, the way, let’s leave the kids alone to grow at their own pace!


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