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I cannot even begin to imagine the ROI from HP Discover

Nadhan on ‎11-13-2013 09:07 AM

By now, I have discussed multiple dimensions of ROI in addition to its original expansion — Return on Investment. HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt triggered my thoughts on the Return on Information. 3D Mobile Technology from HP Labs introduced me to Return on Innovation. Bringing my son back home from college triggered the Return on Individuals. Moonshot technology contributed to the Return on Infrastructure. And I thought I had seen it all. Until I saw the abstract on the IT3351 session at HP Discover in Barcelona. Had it not been for this abstract, I could not have even begun to imagine the thoughts shared below.

Human Brain 2.jpg

Kate Swanborg, Head of Technology Communications and Strategic Alliances for DreamWorks Animation (Dreamworks) describes how Dreamworks transformed its datacenter with HP Converged Storage. As the leader in computer-animated film production, DreamWorks is no stranger to generating large amounts of structured and unstructured data.


As outlined in one of my past HP Discover posts, a typical animated movie has 130K individual frames with 12 different departments working on it — going through 10 to 100 iterations in each department — totaling up to 3 billion iterations for a single film. Going through these iterations takes up to 4 years for some movies. DreamWorks specialists have to separately animate the face and then body. Color, by a different department, takes up to 8 hours to be rendered, viewed and critiqued. Of course, if there are changes, the process starts all over again.


The DreamWorks Animation team leverages technology to the fullest extent to make figments of imagination real from various perspectives. Realization of these imaginative concepts requires the continuous generation of terabytes of data that is then processed and presented in a manner that generates innocent giggles from children in the movie theater.


DreamWorks requires a polymorphic solution, which allows them to simplify its infrastructure and reduce costs with a common architecture.


This solution, that enables the conversion of the underlying data into giggles in the movie theater, uses a technology infrastructure that effectively addresses:

  • Efficient storage and retrieval of the high volumes of structured and unstructured data
  • Protection of this data from system failures and security violations
  • Periodic archival of obsolete data — triggered by business events and changing market dynamics

DreamWorks needs a partner who can effectively provide the complete solution that addresses these requirements, enabling them to realize ROI that matters to them.


That’s Return on Imagination.


Imagining can be a fun activity. However, to realize business value from these imaginative concepts, data that matters must be made real to the people that matter. And DreamWorks does this by leveraging technology that can deliver on this ROI. Attend this session to find out how.


If this is the type of information you get out of a single session, just imagine the brontobytes of information that you would get out of attending other sessions of interest to you.


Just imagine.


Attend the conference – and enjoy the Return on your Imagination.







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