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Inauguration of the New CIO

Nadhan on ‎01-22-2013 06:18 AM

Presidential inaugurations herald the dawn a new term, filled with aspirations of many, including the ambitious goals of the Commander-in-Chief. The inaugural address charts a course for the next four years. As I watched the inaugural ceremonies, I thought of newly appointed CIOs who must be ready to deliver their own version of an inaugural address. Every new CIO must lay out their priorities, based on the business and IT drivers for their enterprise.

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If I were to be asked to write an inaugural address for a new CIO, here is how it would look. Note, I have marked the points where I anticipate resounding applause.


Hello, Enterprise. This is your new CIO, a Chief Officer for Information.


As I accept my new position, there are key drivers defining the opportunities that lie ahead for our business.

We are at the dawn of a new era. One in which we must maximize our most valuable asset—information. Information Management will be the driver that defines how we orchestrate our solutions, using the right set of automated components. We have built Systems of Record, but we must now shift our focus to building Systems of Engagement, driven by the converging market forces of Cloud and Information Management.


Our customers have always received our direct attention, and they will continue to do so. However, we have to use the appropriate mechanisms to listen to our customers through their preferred channels of communication. In other words, we need to be as social as our customers. (Hold for applause)


We must listen to our shareholders. They are sending clear, resounding messages about judiciously migrating to a converged cloud environment. (Hold for applause)


We must combat the forces of consumerization through coopetition, rather than competition. We must acknowledge and respect the alternative IT choices being made by our business units, and treat them as a balanced set of first-class citizens, with the common goal of effectively enabling our business objectives.


But we must also play the role of the integrator, with well-established governance at various layers—whether it be for Cloud, Data or Information.


Today we have come full circle to what started it all—data. We must understand and acknowledge the emergence of brontobytes of data across our ecosystem, and work closely with the new master of data—our Chief Marketing Officer. (Hold for applause) Mark my words—the CMO’s perspective, based on the voice of our customers, is going to have a strong bearing on our initiatives over the next few years.


We must be ahead of the game when it comes to securing our information, whether it is at home, in the mind of the hacker, or in the cloud.


And we must continuously instill innovation at all intersections, and take the right steps as one enterprise to innovate the planet by 2020. (Concluding applause)


I am not a speech writer, but I am curious what your CIO’s speech would look like. What points would they make? Where would they see the opportunity in their future? If you, or someone you know has written a similar narrative, please let me know.


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