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Industry Talk: A Q&A with new HP Enterprise Services Energy Leader, Joe Pennacchia

AnnabelleBaxter ‎01-24-2014 01:40 PM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:00 AM

Pennacchia.jpgJoe Pennacchia was recently named Energy leader in the Americas for HP Enterprise Services, where he will oversee the strategy, growth and development of client relationships across the oil & gas and power & utilities sectors.Throughout his career, Joe has helped clients reduce costs and increase operational performance through the implementation of strategic, transformational initiatives ranging from regulated, mandatory business processes to large, complex strategic sourcing initiatives. Leveraging his in-depth industry knowledge and deep client relationships, Joe will be amplifying HP's ongoing commitment to provide energy industry clients with innovative solutions aligned to meet their business goals and solve the toughest business challenges they face today.


We sat down with Joe to find out more about his decision to re-join HP and pick his brain about the state of the energy industry.



Thanks for taking the time to sit with us today, Joe and welcome back to HP! Let me ask you, what most interested you about HP’s energy industry portfolio?


Joe: "HP has a strong combination of industry expertise and service offerings to assist Utilities and Oil & Gas companies. Our people, from executive leadership to business development to delivery have both the commitment and experience to make a world of difference in driving value for our clients. If you look at what HP has been doing around security, mobility, analytics and cloud, there is a terrific alignment to the needs and priorities of the energy industry, which I believe will, in turn, make the industry receptive to HP’s direction and portfolio. HP is better positioned than ever before to support the Energy industry and that’s why I was interested in coming back and being a part of that."


What is the biggest IT priority for the energy industry in 2014?


Joe: "For power and utility companies, the biggest IT priorities will be the ones that help solve business challenges derived from conservation directives, aging infrastructure, disruptive technologies, and seasoned workforces not far from retirement age. Many utility service territories are not growing because there is less electricity usage. As a result, revenues are relatively flat and demand is steady. Moreover, the capital demands for replacing/repairing assets and the knowledge set to walk out of the door are top of mind. There are many opportunities for IT to enable a lot of needed change. For example, utilities can begin utilizing software as a service, cloud, and managed service models to re-design their business processes to work more efficiently. They can use IT to capture and ensure knowledge transfer and management of process and information that currently resides in the brains of a few. Most importantly, they can take cost out of their business, employ sourcing strategies for more ‘commoditized’ activities and repurpose internal resources to work on more strategic initiatives. Utilities are now asking how can they change the way they deliver services and value to their customers and shareholders – it’s an exciting time in the industry.


Alternatively, oil & gas companies are dealing with issues around increasing global demand, labor shortages/talent constraints, changing geo-political relationships, changes in supply and demand dynamics, and the like . They’re looking for the right resources and solutions to help them keep up with this unprecedented growth and demand. The rapid growth is taxing on their business so they’re looking to IT to help them reshape and redesign their business. For example, oil & gas companies will use IT to help access difficult reserves, alleviate some of the labor challenges, and in pursuing alternate energy offerings."


It's definitely an exciting time for the energy industry. There’s been much discussion about the ‘New Style of IT,’ and how cloud, mobility, big data and security are essential for enterprises. How does this ‘New Style of IT' impact the energy industry?


Joe: "HP’s “New style of IT” maps very well to the energy industry’s agendas and priorities. Energy companies are collecting a lot of data through meters, smart devices, sensor technologies, etc, but now what? What are they going to do with all of the data collected? How can they use it? HP’s service offerings, such as Information Management & Analytics, align very well to this most pressing need. There are also regulatory compliance directives, environmental forces, and disruptive/emerging technologies creating challenges. The industry seems quite ready to embrace cloud, mobility, business intelligence, and cyber security solutions to do things differently and redefine their business to create increased agility and manage risk."


What keeps the C-Suite of the energy industry up at night and how are you, as the new Energy leader, feel HP is best positioned to help?


Joe: "C-level executives in the Energy industry are worried about a number of things, such as safety, reliability, environmental changes, and regulatory compliance just to name a few. There is pressure to create shareholder value while there are initiatives potentially changing their business. They also worry about physical and cyber security. HP Enterprise Services has the focused offerings and breakthrough technologies that can help enable energy executives in utilities and oil & gas to not only maximize the business value of their technology investments and minimize technology risk through accurate planning, but solve real business problems."


We'd like to thank Joe for taking the time to sit with us. Come meet Joe and the rest of the HP energy industry team at DistribuTECH, January 28-30,  in San Antonio, TX. Find out more about HP Enterprise Services' energy industry expertise.

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on ‎01-26-2014 02:42 AM

Great points made in this interview -- especially, the one on the New Style Of It.  Makes one wonder: Does Cloud Computing have the energy to process Big Data?


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