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Information is most valuable — when delivered on time

Nadhan on ‎05-06-2013 11:55 AM

When it comes to applying economics to the most valuable asset in the enterprise, timely availability of the relevant information is vital. The same information may not be as applicable if it is presented outside the critical time window without context. For example, knowing where your favorite restaurant is located becomes meaningful when you are hungry. There are multiple time dimensions when it comes to the systemic delivery of information through various channels — including desktop devices of record, mobile BYOD devices of engagement and of course, printers.


The time dimension matters across all of the following phases of the Information Delivery lifecycle:

 Big Data Timely Delivery.png

Context. The establishment of the right context when dealing with a data element is critical. The same term used in different scenarios could mean something completely different.  For example, when I titled my second post at HP Discover 2012  in Las Vegas, “Find your best bet for Cloud Computing,” the human mind would have interpreted that as picking the best option among multiple architectural options for deploying solutions in the cloud. Interestingly enough, a Twitter account that is apparently all about gambling started following me just because I tweeted this post with the word "bet" in it. Now that’s context.


Identification. The next step is to identify the data that matters in a timely fashion. To locate the closest fast food restaurant of your choice, relevant data includes your geographical location, distance to the restaurant, traffic patterns to get to the location, your personal likes and dislikes, and etc.


Location. The next step is to locate the Systems of Record from where the relevant data values are retrieved.


Consolidation. All the data retrieved is consolidated with context into meaningful information: “My favorite Fast Food restaurant is located within 2.3 miles, and is open for the next 13 minutes serving my favorite item on their menu. Want to call them?


Presentation. The final act is the rendering of this consolidated information on the device of choice. This could be your desktop or laptop, your favorite BYOD or even your printer.


The usual performance considerations of applications, databases, the network and the computer would still apply.

However the time taken to execute every one of the phases listed above matter when it comes to information delivery.

Even at the end point of the information being generated on paper by printers, the time taken to print contributes to the overall user experience. Checkout the world's fastest printer  that was just released breaking the Guinness Book of World Records by HP India.

 HP Fastest Printer.jpg

Performance must be addressed holistically as I discuss in the Super Bowl of Applications Performance. Whether it be to sate the hunger for food or the hunger for information, timely delivery of the right content is fundamental to realizing its full value. I am sure the originator of Infonomics, Gartner VP, Doug Laney would agree.


How about you? Are there other dimensions of Information Delivery that matter to you? Are there scenarios where you did not get access to the information you needed in a timely fashion?


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