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Intel excels at the heart of HP Discover

Nadhan on ‎06-05-2014 09:05 AM

I have been witness to the Intel-HP partnership at past HP Discover conferences. HP Discover 2014 is no exception. As I peruse the Intel sessions at this conference, DT4067 by Rich Nockels, Intel Marketing Manager stands out for me. It highlights how HP and Intel are bridging the gap between users and IT, with a new wave of devices that users will want to use for both work and play. Users like myself, who are planning on dressing up with wearables for this conference. I read more into this session because I see an emerging theme, reinforced by other Intel sessions, punctuating the HP-Intel partnership. It is a partnership with Intel at the heart, which manifests itself from various perspectives at HP Discover.

 HP Omni 10.png

Let me explain how.


The partnership is akin to other real-life scenarios:


1. Restaurant and Kitchen. A successful restaurant creates an ambiance that delivers the right customer experience overall (HP) while the culinary experts process (Intel) the raw ingredients that serve up delicious entrees on the menu.


2. Automobile and Transmission. An automobile (HP) creates an experience that matters to the driver while the transmission continues to relentlessly churn out the cycles (Intel) that deliver the basic functionality of motion from point A to point B.


However, we really don’t need to resort to analogies to highlight HP on the outside and Intel inside. Take these sessions for example:


  • DT4068 — Intel and HP: Powerful relief for datacenter pain points. Intel products such as enterprise-class Solid State Drives, 10GbE solutions and processors for HP 3PAR storage prevent the bottlenecks of high latencies and slow I/O. These products go beyond the traditional server and when bundled with HP compute solutions, address the challenges posed by the New Style of IT; positioning enterprises to gain a competitive edge. Of course, enterprises can be more effective with a New Style of Leadership. Checkout DT3501.

There you have it. HP on the outside/Intel on the inside. In a world where we are being our own devices, HP and Intel excel at bridging the gap between external user experience and the enabling technology inside, which is the essence of the DT4067 session.


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan


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