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Internet of Things (IoT) matters at HP Discover

Nadhan on ‎04-24-2014 10:52 AM

“You ain't seen nothin' yet,” is the phrase that comes to mind when I take a look at the HP Discover sessions on Internet of Things (IoT). Big Data mattered at past HP Discover conferences, but IoT is going to take it to the next level as projected in multiple sessions at HP Discover. Discover Theater session DT3621 from HP Labs discusses how the appliances in our homes, and the environment around us, generate data that must be harnessed and mined across the fabric of connected devices. At the same time, I am presenting on the on the impact of IoT on IT in a different Discover Theater session – DT3503. While gearing up for this session, I am reminded of a recent Twitter Chat, coordinated by the Enterprise CIO Forum, where it was abundantly clear that IoT is bound to matter to CIOs. Here are some of the key reasons why.

 Wearables HP EGN.png

1. Volume of Data. The explosion of devices, and technology that facilitates continuous real-time interaction, has accelerated the continuous generation and growth of brontobytes of data.


2. Enterprise Security. IoT is akin to a crowded market place where the arrival of a famous personality has triggered an aura of excitement and buzz – increasing the probability of security violations going unnoticed. Hello Adversaries R Us! IoT can be a fertile ground for compromises in enterprise security.


3. Individual privacy. The feeling that somebody is constantly watching you and the actions you take can come uncomfortably close to treading on privacy guidelines. Why should a device know where I am and what I am doing? More importantly, is it OK for someone else to obtain access to that data through that device?


4. Insight Governance. I had recently blogged about how Information Governance is different from Data Governance. Robert Karel, VP, Product Strategy from Informatica commented on this post that it is all about “Insight Governance.” Intriguing term, I must say, but I do agree it is all about governance around timely action on the insight. Insight minus action adds little value. Which brings me to the next reason why IoT matters.


5. Business Value. It is vital that Enteprise IT reacts to IoT in a manner that drives business value. IoT for technology's sake can only go so far. It is important that enterprises have the right mechanisms in place to process the data gathered in a timely fashion using the technologies that will be highlighted in DT3621 by HP Labs.


These are but some of the considerations that are likely to come out in our DT3503 session, while DT3621 projects the technology that will empower competitive enterprises of the future to stay ahead of the game.


How about you? What other considerations come to your mind? And by the way, checkout the wardrobe of the next generation if you are attending these sessions.


I am definitely interested in factoring in your thoughts while working on the content for the DT3503 session. Looking forward to your comments on this blog post and in person!


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan


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