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Leading with innovation to drive the New Style of IT at HP Discover

Nadhan on ‎04-29-2014 11:00 AM

I recently read an article about Van Phillips who asked a seemingly simple question, "What if we use a C-shape?" to forever change the way prosthetics are built. The article refers to Warren Berger's book A More Beautiful Question. In the book, Berger describes “The Power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas,” reasoning that a cycle of Why / What if / How can guide us through the process of innovative questioning. This new style of questioning is a must for the leading innovation required by the New Style of IT.


As I work on my HP Discover session DT3501 on a New Style of Leadership driving a New Style of IT, I am fascinated by this powerful system of inquiry, which triggers continuous innovation in an information-centric world. Let’s see how the leaders of competitive enterprises of tomorrow could employ this strategy to lead the world of the New Style of IT today.


Here are three questions leaders must ask themselves (with my suggested answers):


1. Why can't traditional IT practices continue to deal with the challenges of today?

2. What if we changed the mindset of the enterprise?

3. How should we go about orchestrating change?

  • This is really what my session on the New Style of Leadership is all about. Some key thoughts that I am working on elaborating in this session:
    • Customer-driven Enterprise
    • Business-driven Transformation
    • Collaboration-driven Ecosystem
    • Simplification-driven Innovation
    • Revitalization-driven Workforce

I plan on going through the Why / What if / How cycle of inquiry for each of the ideas above, and chalk out the content for my session.


The questions may be the same, but the answers can – and should be – quite different depending on who asks the question.


How about you? Did you try asking yourself these questions? What answers did you get?


I have also listened to HP Chairman Ralph Whitworth discuss the HP CEO Meg Whitman’s style of leadership in this CNBC interview. Whitman, who made the CNBC First 25 list may very well have asked herself these very same questions. Because, you see, Whitman represents a New Style of Leadership which you can learn more about at HP Discover in Las Vegas. It’s the same style of leadership I intend to elaborate on in my DT3501 session


Looking forward to seeing you in person in the audience!


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan

Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.






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