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Little Data can change the user experience with relevant information at HP Discover

Nadhan on ‎06-04-2014 12:38 PM

The integration of next-generation technologies will change the focus in the near future to bringing “relevant information” to users based on conversation context, location, etc. This is the essence of the DT3574 - How future technologies will change the role between users and information session delivered by Seth Pickett, HP Senior Director. It is intended to be an open discussion on how enterprises will enable these technologies to gain competitive advantage. But the impact of such technologies starts with individuals like you and me. Say hello to Little Data, which is all about having timely access to information that matters to the individual with context. Little by little, appropriate chunks of relevant information will enrich the user experience when dealing with zettabytes of Big Data.


Over breakfast, I watch Al Roker on NBC describe how the day is going to be across the country. The science of meteorology predicts with greater accuracy the weather across the globe. This involves the application of complex analytics applied with the right tools on large volumes of data. But what matters to me is the weather in "My neck of the woods," as Roker would say. While science deals with analyzing Big Data, the art lies in churning out timely, logical chunks of Little Data that matter to people like me.


Well, when it comes to Little Data, the factors that make it most effective are all about me. Let’s see how:


1. Where am I? When I’m home, I care a lot about the weather in my backyard. But if I am traveling, I’m very interested in the weather patterns en route to my destination.


2. What am I doing? If I’m not planning on going outdoors, I may not care as much about the weather outside. However, on a day set aside for noodling around in the garden, Roker better give me some readings accurate to the third decimal place!


3. When do I plan on doing it? If I am sailing on Lake Michigan, I’m more interested in the wind speed and the tides when I’m on water.


4. What am I interested in? Golfers are also likely to be interested in the humidity and precipitation the previous day because it could affect the course conditions the following day.


5. How is it delivered to me? Do I sense this information my wearable device? Can I view the information when I look at the data?


This is why I look forward with great interest to Pickett’s session on how future technologies can bring information that matters to the end user. Based on a quick review of the abstract, all indications are that I would be getting the relevant information that matters out of this session or, as I like to call it, Little Data!


How about you? How does Little Data manifest itself in your neck of the woods? Do you expect information relevant to you from this session? Well, why don’t you join me at this Little Data session on Big Data to find out? See you there!


Meanwhile, please feel free to join the #CIOChat Twitter Chat organized by ECIO Forum this week.


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan


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