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Making your email matter

Nadhan on ‎06-04-2013 03:49 PM

In the movie, “You've Got Mail,” Tom Hanks’ character simply gets what Meg Ryan’s character meant. NY 152 (Hanks) had the right context for what Shopgirl (Ryan) wanted to convey. But context is not something one can expect from every recipient. Wouldn’t it be nice to have today’s technologies help determine and apply the right context — even to dated channels of communication like e-mail? Look no further. This technology from Movable Ink offers subtle, real-time updates to e-mail text, once the e-mail has been sent.


How many times have you sent an email wishing that the person receiving it interpreted it exactly the way you intended? E-mail, like everything else, gets richer with context. The location and mindset of the recipient may drive what needs to be conveyed. But you don’t typically have such information about the recipient.


Say hello to this technology from Movable Ink. Taking a cue from a reference in an e-mail, this intriguing application can convey the weather at the location of the recipient. All you had to do is send the e-mail saying, for example, “Check out the weather in your neck of the woods,” — as TV weather forcaster Al Roker would say. Even Roker doesn’t know where the recipient could be. But this application can translate this sentence into the weather conditions at the locale — with context.


We live in an age where such technology that can convert data into useful information-plus-context is available. Enterprises need to apply such technology on data that matters. Big Data is there for enterprises to use. The enabling technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. Therefore, enterprises that want to be competitive today to innovate tomorrow need to have the right information management strategy. Such enterprises can provide a much richer user experience — even in seemingly outdated paradigms like e-mail. So, how else can we apply sentiment analysis techniques on their most recent tweets to make e-mail matter with context?


1. A link to a music video can pick your favorites, based on the number of your YouTube clicks.


2. A coupon for a restaurant can automatically find the ethnic food you like.


3. Travel agents can send you vouchers for tourist spots that align with your interests.


4. Movie theaters can send coupons for your favorite action hero, based on your sentiments on Twitter.


5. The prom queen can find the prom dress of her choice.


Having data is good. Applying context to the data is better. Realizing value from information is priceless.


So the next time you send an e-mail, ask yourself, “What matters and why?” With the right technology applied to the right data, you will be surprised how much your e-mail matters — even if the recipient did not think like Hanks did when he got mail.


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