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Mobile Trendsetter: HP Insights & Highlights

CaraS ‎07-11-2014 08:48 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:05 AM

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Last month, we kicked off our Mobile Trendsetter Interview Series, a series of interviews with some of the technology industry’s most influential thought leaders in mobility. Mobility experts like Al Sacco of CIO.com and Yankee Group’s Chris Marsh have shared their thoughts on the state of mobility and brought to light some key aspects of mobility that HP believes are rapidly impacting enterprises, including: BYOD, security and mobility best practices.



Once considered luxuries, mobile devices like smartphones and tabletsare now necessities used both at home and in the office. Coupled with the pressure to be “always-on” and constantly connected, we now prefer to send and receive information in real-time, directly to our device of choice. This shift has created heartburn for IT managers at enterprise organizations, but this shift should actually be viewed as a blessing in disguise. As Al Sacco notes, “… the power has really shifted to the consumer and users—they are looking to integrate their personal devices into the workplace.”


The rapidly growing BYOD trend provides a tremendous opportunity for IT managers to provide employees with the mobile capabilities needed to work more efficiently. Near-field communications (NFC) technology gives users the ability to transmit small amounts of data simply by touching your smartphone or tablet to another device. Through NFC technology, daily functions like paying for a cup of coffee, catching the subway or even printing is now made easier.


  • How many times have you rushed into the office to print your presentation before an early morning meeting? With the recent invention of NFC touch-to-print capabilities, printing is as easy as touching your tablet directly to the printer in order to release your print job.
  • Hospitals and medical offices that require employees to authenticate their identity via a badge or PIN number can also benefit from the ease of near-field communications. NFC touch-to-authenticate capabilities allow users to bypass a cumbersome login process by creating a one-step process: touch your mobile device to the control pad and your credentials have been verified.


Mobility is more than just an IT trend; it’s a movement that is rapidly changing the way enterprises do business. It’s also changing the way employees share information.


One of the greatest challenges for IT managers is ensuring that all content transmitted in and out of the company’s network remains secure. If you’re looking to safeguard your IT environment, the first step is to develop a comprehensive security strategy that includes any and all mobile devices that access your network.


Sound too complex? Enlist the help of a security provider that will work with you to outline a process and policy tailored to meet your company’s needs. A good security provider will help you audit your current fleet, determine a plan of attack and monitor your environment on an ongoing basis.


Mobility Best Practices

While implementing a new mobility strategy in your office may seem daunting, below are a few best practices that we’ve identified that can help you roll out your new security strategy:


  • Transparency is key: Be open with your employees. Share the vision behind the new strategy. The increased security measures around their mobile devices are being put into place so that they can continue to use their devices in the office and shouldn’t be viewed as a deterrent.
  • Promote collaboration: Now that you’ve embraced mobile devices in the office, find ways to encourage smartphone and tablet usage in the office. Lead by example and utilize your tablet to access touch-to-print capabilities. Encourage employees to use their smartphone to authenticate their login credentials.
  • Increase customer engagement: For industries like healthcare and insurance, the use of tablets and smartphones can help you better serve your customers in real time. In his recent post, Chris Marsh notes that mobility “…will allow them [businesses] to fundamentally re-envision how they engage their customers, employees and partners.”


Stay tuned for more interviews with some of our favorite mobility trendsetters. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. What do you think are the biggest opportunities and challenges associated with mobility in the enterprise?

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