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My 200th Blog Post

Nadhan on ‎01-17-2013 09:58 AM

Six months back, I logged my 100th blog post. I was not sure then how long it would take me to log the next 100. Here is a synopsis of the 13 subject areas that evolved from Blog #101 thru Blog #200.


1. CIO. The CIO emerged as the Chief Officer for Information, combating the consumerization of IT while fostering a vital relationship with the CFO to effectively answer the ROI question on Cloud Computing. CIOs must listen again to The King and ride the wave of change.


2. Innovation. Innovation at HP Labs played a key role—whether it is applied to outpace the market today or to innovate Planet Earth by 2020 based upon People & Planet and Petadata & Profit. This includes innovating the Hospital IT, one day at a time.


3. Cloud Computing: CIOs must answer the ROI question while applying proper governance. By the way, has the Cloud impacted your resume? Even the CIO of Planet Earth can be choosy when it comes to the Cloud.


4. Mobility: Welcome to The Third Platform – Mobility.It’s a brave new world of mobile interactions—requiring the rationalization of applications tomobilize the enterprise.


5. BYOD: Bringing Your Own Devices to your enterprise also brings its own ecosystem, which never really shuts down.


6. Information Management: Data Governance is getting renewed visibility—driving enterprises to be at least as social as their customers. Big Data is a big deal resulting in a Data Tsunami to which sentiment analysis can be applied to drive application interfaces and even win Presidential elections! Given its pervasive presence, I decided to give Big Data a new voice.


7. Security: Security is vitalin the Public Sector—requiring us to penetrate the mind of the hacker through the inception of OODA techniques—in the workplace, or in the home office.  


8. SOA: As Iexplored the secrets behind the success of SOA, I suggested we should take lessons from SOA when integrating to the Cloud.


9. Applications Transformation: The city of Frankfurt showcases Applications Modernization as an art that can be applied to the right components even if it is a 1930 Pontiac CoupeNew Styles of IT drive newer transformation approaches as evidenced in self-parallel-parking cars.


10. Applications Development: Hereare the top 5 steps enterprises can take to track and effectively realize the benefits of Agile Development.


11. Applications Management is like managing personalities and cars.


12. Standards: Cloud industry standards continue to emerge forService Providersand their infrastructures.  


13. Industries: The Cloud and Mobility movements manifested themselves across multiple industries—including Financial Services (includingRing Fencing),Healthcare and Energy.


I started a blog of my own -  Journey Through Enterprise IT Services  - with posts that:

How long do you think it would take me to log the next 100 posts? What are the topics that you look forward to in these posts? Please let me know.


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.




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on ‎01-17-2013 06:21 PM

Nadhan,  congrats on your 200th!  Quite the accomplishment.  In a future post I want to learn more about how you use technology to make yourself as productive as you are!

on ‎01-19-2013 08:46 AM

Tom, Thanks for the kind words. 


Your comment certainly gives me an idea for a future post.


However, in response to your suggestion, let me share some immediate best practices that come to mind when I think about how I apply technology to try increasing my productivity.  It also happens to be something that I am passionate about from various perspectives including the application of tribal knowledge at an enterprise level.


1. Using links and URLs to the content over e-mail.  No e-mail attachments


2. Populating the metadata for the content shared to facilitate content retrieval and search


3. Provide links to the virtual conference room, the conference line in every meeting notice


4. Provide references to the content being discussed in every meeting notice in advance


5. Capturing e-mail discussions in a centralized wiki as they are happening


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.


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