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NASCAR and HP make social media matter for their customers

Nadhan on ‎09-06-2013 01:27 PM

Flipping the remote, I see an advertisement on the TV where NASCAR CMO, Steve Phelps describes the NASCAR Fan and Media Engagement Center. In Phelps’ words, as he explains in this CNBC interview on Squawk Box, it is an enormously powerful tool that processes Big Data for NASCAR to take the right actions. This powerful solution is enabled by technology from HP, who provided the tools that can glean the intelligence from social media, the hardware that enables complex, real-time analytics as well as the services that bring it all together. NASCAR and HP make social media matter for their customers. Let’s see why.


Take NASCAR for starters. Here are some NASCAR factoids from the CNBC interview:


  • NASCAR fans are the most brand-loyal in major U.S. sports
  • 55 percent of NASCAR fans feel good about a brand if they are a NASCAR sponsor
  • Nearly 1 in 4 Fortune 500 companies co-invest in NASCAR

 Nascar-Instagram-Race Day Cars.jpg

In other words, NASCAR has worked hard to understand their customers and continue to raise the bar in getting to know what their customers want. They are at least as social as their customers – if not more.


While NASCAR has the much-needed mind-set and culture to effectively engage with their fans, they also need the right combination of tools, infrastructure and solutions to translate Big Data into actionable insight. To that end, NASCAR needs to engage with an experienced solution integrator who can most effectively deliver on these fronts.


But when it comes to bleeding-edge technologies that turn the tables on computers, solution integrators must be a lot more than a provider of the enabling software, hardware and services. They must be adept at making social media matter for their customers.


Enter HP.


Let us take a look at what Ernan Roman, President, Ernan Roman Direct Marketing has to say about HP’s presence in Social Media in the Huffington Post Blog. In Roman’s words, HP is raising the bar for social interaction by developing an innovative strategy that is setting the standard for customer engagement through social media. He goes on to highlight 5 key takeaways from HP’s strategy:


a. Give customers a platform for product feedback.


b. Encourage community engagement.


c. Designate community ambassadors.


d. Create channel integration.


e. Set policies and train social staff.


This is a win-win Big Data relationship as labeled by John Dodge, ECIO Forum blogger.


To make your presence matter in Social Media, enterprises need to:


1. Continuously evolve with the New Style of IT


2. Have a laser focus on their customer


3. Be at least as social as their customers


4. Predict the future with their systems of engagement


Just like NASCAR has done.


And, yes:


5. A company that is setting the standard for customer engagement in social media should provide the enabling technologies and services.


Just like HP has done.


What are your thoughts on making it matter in social media? What are steps enterprises can take to know what their customers want? Are you all set to watch the next NASCAR race? Please let me know.


Who knows, you may even see the same ad that triggered this blog post.


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