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New Style of IT drives 300 blog posts with 500 followers

Nadhan on ‎07-02-2013 06:52 AM

Two years into blogging, I look back to my 1st, 100th and 200th post with great interest. As I review posts 200 – 300, published in the last six months, I see they align very well with the New Style of IT characterized by HP CEO Meg Whitman in her keynote at HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas. Coincidentally, I reached another milestone at the same time — 500 followers — who have made it an enlightening experience with their comments, coffee talk, tweet jams, twitter chats and web jams.


Please join me in this tour of my last 100 posts over 6 months culminating in Post #300.




The role of the Chief Officer for Information (CIO) has changed significantly to the point where they need a System of Engagement with the new Master of Big Data (the CMO, as explained by IDC VPs Kathleen Schuab and Rich Vancil). Is the CMO the new CIO?


Big Data spoke up in an open letter to Enterprise IT, which started a journal of sorts. Gartner VP Research, Doug Laney introduced Infonomics, which ideally begins at home. However, similar to other financial assets, does Infonomics entail taxation? I wondered.


Gartner VP, Research Doug Laney reminds us that the concept of Business Intelligence (BI) dates back to 1865. Competitive enterprises will differentiate themselves by ensuring timely delivery of information and applying social media to product development.


Big Data had a big role at HP Discover 2013, where a panel discussion triggered it to issue a call to all enterprises to make connections that matter with a dose of humbility.




Enterprises must go social to know what customers want, a message echoed by several executives including the Procter and Gamble CIO, the NASCAR CMO as well as the 20th Century Fox CIO. Enterprises have at least five different ways of realizing their ROI. However, Forbes blogger, Joe McKendrick would caution us that cloud ROI is becoming increasingly elusive.




Forrester Analyst, Phil Murphy advocated transforming business functions that matter. Geoffrey Moore highlighted maximizing the value of Systems of Engagement. Note that while evolving to ecosystems of engagement, it is not just about modernizing the science. It is also about retaining the art.  




So, what in the world are you thinking about Security? Data security is now a board-level concern since the frameworks and standards adopted by enterprises may not be adequate by themselves. To effectively combat the cost of cybercrime, CIOs must be more proactive than their adversaries. Guess who is responsible when addressing cloud security? (A question that CIOs must ask the CISOs.)




Innovation must be part of the Enterprise bloodstream ingrained into its DNA. HP Labs brought forth several innovations, including the 3D mobile technology as well as techniques for navigating the Big Data traffic jam to predict the future.


There you have it! A walk down my near-term memory lane, through my last 100 blog posts. I look forward to many more such Systems of Engagement – even in Spanish! Because, you know, it’s time to build a better enterprise.


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.


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