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New business environment calls for a New Style of IT

‎12-19-2013 10:42 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:00 AM



A conversation with HP Chief Technologists and Fellows Mateen Greenway, Steve McNicholas Dan Gonos, and René Aerdts


The promise of today’s IT environment demands a new style of IT—one that drives the future of the organization and solves its challenges. “Organizations that don’t start using the newer tools to improve the user experience and provide new and better ways for stakeholders to interact with them now may not be able to catch up later,” warns Steve McNicholas, chief technologist, EMEA Applications and Business Services, HP Enterprise Services, and HP Fellow.


Pages from 37073-2-InnovationInsight11212013_Final.jpgThe New Style of IT can be seen through four lenses:

  • Employee empowerment
  • Customer experience
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New IT-enabled business models


Making employees more effective

A common question employees ask is: “Why is my personal IT experience better than the one I have at work?” says Mateen Greenway, chief technologist, EMEA Public Sector, , HP Enterprise Services, and HP Fellow.


The New Style of IT enables workers at all levels of the organization to use applications tailored to their needs on the devices best suited to them, Greenway says. “That means you can’t take a text-based application and move it to a mobile device, Instead, you must optimize the application for smart phones and tablets.”


Boosting the customer experience

Customers, having been exposed to some great IT-enabled leaps in service such as next-day delivery of just about anything ordered online, expect more value for their money. “The challenge is to understand your customers or citizens, and truly engage them,” McNicholas says.


The U.K.’s Post Office rolled out a system of ATM-type machines that deliver welfare benefits while reducing fraud vulnerability. As a venerable civic touchstone, the Post Office was uniquely poised to fill this role. This system is being expanded to provide driver’s license renewal and passport application processing including biometric data capture.


Merger and acquisition support

Mergers and acquisitions promise many benefits, but often fall short of expectations. How to combine IT systems and/or winnow out redundant ones is a common challenge that can hold back an M&A.


“A successful merger has IT and business leaders sharing a vision and working together to ensure that employees have the right tools and access to critical data stored in databases that are fragmented throughout the organization, says Dan Gonos, chief technologist, Global Healthcare and Life Sciences, Applications and Business Services, HP Enterprise Services, and HP Fellow. “Being able to scale IT systems up or down as needed is also a crucial component of a post-merger IT reconfiguration.”


New IT-enabled business models

The New Style of IT helps organizations provide previously unattainable services. New, powerful data analysis tools and cloud services that can help connect many disparate entities open up a new world of possibilities.


For example, “HP implemented for the global standards organization, GS1, a cloud-based system that reduced the time of recalls of contaminated food products from an average of 42 days to one hour,” explains René Aerdts, Chief Technologist, Cloud Enablement, HP Enterprise Services, and HP Fellow. “The Product Recall Service enhances traceability, increases efficiency, and helps to mitigate risk and satisfy regulatory compliance within the food industry.”


Similarly, using big data analysis, the Center for Disease Control could monitor media outlets, hospital admissions, local health agencies, and other sources that can alert personnel to a possible food-borne illness outbreak. In an environment where all participants in the food supply chain from growers to grocery stores are connected through the cloud, the CDC could identify the source of a contamination and take necessary steps to thwart the outbreak before it escalates.


As Aerdts points out, “The future is about stitching together services, not systems.”


Replay the webcast, “New Style of IT: Four ways to thrive” and learn more from  the panel of HP experts.



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