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One size does NOT fit all - choose the right modernization strategy! (Video)

JohnBennett ‎05-08-2014 08:10 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:03 AM

Featuring: Daniel Amor, Lead Transformation Consultant, Hewlett Packard Company

Featuring: Sean O’Leary, Senior Applications Modernization Consultant, Hewlett Packard Company



"I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”Abraham Maslow, The Psychology of Science, 1966


What to do? What to do? You’ve got applications and they need attention.


Some you’d like to move to cloud. Some you need to help support new mobile services. Some, well, you’d like to move off of old expensive infrastructure. Others, you can probably buy from someone else cheaper than it costs you to maintain and enhance your own. And some you should probably just get rid of.


All of these are forms of modernization strategies. We’ve had a list of “Re-’s” that we’ve used for a long time: Re-architect, retire, replace, re-factor, re-learn, re-interface, re-host. We’ve been adding to that list … with strategies such as “service-enable” or “transform-to-cloud.”


But what do these do? What do we mean be re-factor? Or re-learn (you mean I forgot)?


And then what is your best modernization choice for any specific application? It may seem obvious, but it really does depend on what you want from it in the future. Unfortunately, too many clients look at their applications through a lens from the past (what you did, and why you did it, etc.), which makes the choices difficult to address from the perspective of an uncertain future.


Watch this informative video featuring HP modernization consultants Daniel Amor and Sean O’Leary to learn more about the applications modernization strategies you can choose from, and what each would do for you.


“In plain Texas talk, it's do the right thing'” - Ross Perot


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Danny AmorAbout Daniel Amor

Daniel’s expertise includes Applications Modernisation (AMod), Cloud, Portals, Web Apps and the SOA domain. He has designed and led the implementation of large-scale, complex applications-related projects with clients throughout Europe. Daniel has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and is the author of six books and numerous articles in European and US-based publications on IT change. More information about Daniel can be found at http://www.hp.com/go/danielamor.



Sean OLeary.jpgAbout Sean O’Leary        

Sean O’Leary has 30+ years of experience in the design, development and deployment of enterprise systems. Chief responsibilities include Lead Facilitator for HP’s Application Transformation Experience Workshops (TEW), HP’s global software Cloud team, and Commercial and US Public Sector consultant. Sean has developed many of HP’s methodologies used in Applications Transformation, including those that separate legacy system technical implementation details from business requirements. He has also developed application assessments collateral used in determining how best to migrate applications to the Cloud.

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