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Retailers consider digital commerce, mobile shopping, intelligent systems at Retail’s BIG Show

kenhjr ‎01-10-2013 12:31 PM - edited ‎09-30-2015 06:40 AM

The retail industry is facing a tall set of challenges as it enters 2013. The convergence of new trends in technology, economics and society are compelling retailers to transform their enterprise around the modern consumer.


In particular, retailers must understand and adapt to modern consumers whose loyalty hinges on the latest experience or peer review—all while making IT work for the business, improving the supply chain, ensuring data security, and managing costs. HP helps retailers improve business outcomes with IT solutions designed to enable omni-channel consumer experiences that:


  • Drive loyalty and revenue growth
  • Empower agility through innovation, transformation, and modernization
  • Ensure sustainability through security optimization and cost-containing efficiencies


HP is looking forward to participating next week in the biggest event in the Retail industry, the National Retail Federation (NRF)’s Annual Convention & Expo, also known as “Retail’s BIG Show,” January 14-15 in New York City. The Big Show hosts over 25,000 global retailers with representation from more than 80 countries.


We had an opportunity to discuss the changes in the Retail industry and the upcoming NRF Big Show with Saif Rivers, Retail Client Principal, HP Enterprise Services.


Shopping_HP_library_cropped_resized.jpegKen Howard: What is your favorite thing about NRF?


Saif Rivers: Without a doubt, it’s the collaboration. You get more than 25,000 industry professionals in a room and you can actually see how the industry supports each other through idea-sharing and innovation.


KH: What should retailers look for this year or expect to see?


SR: Keep an eye out for the advanced mobility solutions and services on the market. This is fundamentally changing the nature of retail for everyone involved in the business.


KH: What trends are shaping the retail environment this year?


SR: The big trends are in mobility and intelligent systems. Forget static stores and reactive purchasing. The retail industry as a whole is moving toward flexible shopping environments with innovative approaches to satisfying consumer demands.


KH: Why should retailers stop by the HP booth?


SR: I am excited by our range of offerings this year. From retail-focused mobile solutions to intelligent security services, HP will have something for every business out there.


KH: From a technology perspective what should retailers plan to invest in this year?


SR: Digital commerce is continuing to grow. The integration of the digital world to the physical world is a major focal point for many of our clients and should be top of the project list for any retailer. 


KH: What did the 2012 holiday season tell us?


SR:  It showed us that the American consumer is upbeat and resilient despite the lack of economic certainty. I am actually quite excited about 2013.


KH: How do you see the upcoming shift in secured credit card transactions affecting the market?


SR: While change is always hard, I believe the change coming from EMV-enabled payments is needed. Card fraud levels in other countries are a fraction of those we see in the USA today. From my point of view, improvements to security standards can only be a good thing in the long run.


KH: What does tomorrow’s consumer want from their shopping experience?


SR:  Consumers are looking for innovation, simplicity and excitement. You need to think about fresh and stimulating offers that are available “anywhere, anytime.” The other key factor to consider is that consumers are looking for brands that are interactive – ones that understand the consumer as a person and are able to offer other products or services not previously considered. 

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