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The Business Value Exchange throws focus to the digital workforce

Grantby ‎06-20-2014 08:00 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:04 AM

The latest articles coming from the Business Value Exchange (BVEx) focus on the rise of the digital workforce. From increasing ranks for freelancers to the unlikely partnership of CIO and HR representatives, the latest summary from EMEA features some of our favorite writers (Marleen Devondel and Helen Beckett) as well as a new video from the Financial Times.


Check out this summary and click through for the full article:


devondel-may-641x301.jpgAre You Ready for the Happy Digital-Hunter-Gatherer?
By Marlene Devondel

In prehistoric times, hunter-gatherers had work and life completely integrated. With the industrial revolution people had to go to the factory or to the office and had to work at a specific location for a specific amount of time. This change caused a split between work and life. The industrial era led people to compartmentalize their lives and talk about work-life balance; work was carried out in the workplace and domestic activities took place in the home. Those distinctions are beginning to blur with the rise of ubiquitous connectivity, email, mobile devices and social media. We are once again moving to an era of work-life integration.


Marlene Devondel writes that we live in a digital age, where mobile collaboration and cloud technologies make it possible for us to work from anywhere. Work is where the worker is.


With work being where the worker is, how do employees become/stay engaged? http://bit.ly/1pdrHAn

Tapping-keys-close-up-642x301.jpgBring Yourself to Work: Final Frontier for the Workplace Contract
By Helen Beckett

“We are all being driven to come to work wearing our ‘game face’ much like professional athletes in the Olympic finals. You will see from their expression that everyone on the start line is one hundred percent present and focused on the objective. So BYOS means mobilizing our full selves, both emotionally and digitally, for the benefit of our employers/clients,” says digital futurist Ade McCormack.


And, as HPBVEx community manager Helen Beckett comments, he’s right. We aren’t far from an employment model where the majority of employees are contracted, or freelance.


Take a look. http://bit.ly/U7vC8i


iStock_000006106119Medium-642x301.jpgNew HR-IT Axis Key To Digital Delivery
By Helen Beckett

The CIO and the HR Director have had something of a chary relationship. Like chalk ‘n’ cheese, these two quintessentially logical and people persons of the organization have not always had a lot in common and have communicated on a ‘need to’ basis.


But Helen Beckett comments on how the digitization of today’s business is changing this long-standing separation between the human resources and technology functions, all lead by the digitally-enabled workforce. http://bit.ly/1lPQATB


New CIO Strategies for the Digital Age
By The Financial Times

Finally, The Financial Times, in partnership with HP, recently held an event in Helsinki to discuss new CIO strategies for the digital age. Topics discussed included customer engagement, consistent delivery of service across all channels, how to deal with unstructured data, and security concerns in an era of BYOD and cloud services.



Download the whitepaper, which  highlights key discussion points from the event. http://bit.ly/1qa1Evg


About the Business Value Exchange

The Business Value Exchange is an editorial website that focuses on presenting different perspectives on challenges faced by senior business and IT leaders, to help them drive more successful business outcomes. Specifically, the site aims to foster discussion and idea exchange around the topics of how IT enables business initiatives like Employee Empowerment, Customer Experience, Citizens Engagement, Business Innovation and Mergers & Acquisitions. The site is produced by editorial professionals at IDG, in collaboration with HP Enterprise Services. 

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